curse of mummys tomb

12 year-old Gabe is spending Christmas vacation in Egypt with his parents. Gabe's parents own a refrigeration company, so they're in Egypt for business. However, their relative Uncle Ben is working at the pyramids and so they take the opportunity to see him.

Back in al-Jizah (Giza), Gabe tries to relax in the hotel room, but the TV doesn't show anything in English. Gabe's parents get a call-- there's a refrigeration emergency in Alexandria, they have to rush out on a plane that leaves in an hour! They give Gabe an option: He can go with them to exciting Alexandria, or stay in boring Cairo with Uncle Ben. Gabe elects to stay with the archaeologist, even though he doesn't get along with Ben's twelve year-old daughter, Sari.

Since Uncle Ben is on his way to pick up Gabe, Gabe's parents leave him alone in the hotel so they can catch their plane. As he's waiting, Gabe removes from his jeans pocket a mummy's hand. Gabe had bought the grotesque bauble at an American garage sale several years ago and carries it around with him. He hears someone breaking into his hotel room: it's a mummy! Gabe throws the mummy hand at the mummy, who is revealed to actually be Uncle Ben in a mummy disguise! His cousin Sari and Uncle Ben start cracking up.

Uncle Ben reveals that he's in such a good mood because he and his team have just discovered a secret burial chamber inside one of the Great Pyramids. And the best news of all is that both Gabe and Sari get to accompany him into the tombs.

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